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Welcome To Our Promise!

Welcome To Our Promise!

I want to welcome you to our promise!

You’re probably asking, “What is that promise?”  The promise I speak of was birthed from the statement “I would like to be out of our current building in 5 years”. I made this statement shortly after becoming pastor of NLC in January of 2012 .  That bold statement of faith birthed a clear vision that positioned us to launch our INVEST capital campaign on March 23rd, 2014.  After much prayer, fasting, and clearly defining a vision, it was in our INVEST campaign that I made a promise to our church; the promise that God was going to give us the land or the building needed to make our dream become a reality.

But the reality of the dream could only happen with the right response to the dream!  It was the same bold faith that ignited a passionate response from our NLC family. With bold faith in a clearly charted vision, we took massive action to see our promise fulfilled.  So today, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to our promise…the new home of New Life Church!

It is with much excitement that I tell you we have occupied the former Liberty Homes building, that sits on the corner of 15th St. and Eisenhower Dr.!  This reality, the fulfillment of our God-ordained vision and promise, is a moment in history that was birthed by prayer and fasting, stepped into by faith, and made possible by the divine hand of God!

Below are some highlights of what God can do with a clear vision and a step of faith:

  • We move from a 7,900 sq ft building to a two building campus of 27,000 sq ft
  • Our sanctuary currently seats 168 people;  our phase 2 project at our new campus will fit 500 seats in our sanctuary, and our phase 3 project will have the potential for 1500 seats in a new sanctuary build
  • Our ability to effectively and efficiently minister to people, from our children to our senior citizens, has been severely limited as we have outgrown our current facility; in our new campus we will have the ability to push the limits and stretch our vision to a brand new level to meet the needs of those in our community
  • One special feature that we are excited about is that we will have a room dedicated to ministering to families and children with special needs, which we are not to able to facilitate in our current building
  • Another special feature that we are excited about is that our Phase 2 project will be our multi-purpose building. The primary feature of this project will be our 500 seat sanctuary, which will also be used as a gym for various ministry opportunities

Those are just a few highlights of our promised fulfilled that I’m welcoming you to today!  NLC will continue to take bold steps of faith as we seek to passionately serve and reach those in our community.  We realize that this is the start of a brand new journey; a journey that will require the same bold faith and massive action that was displayed in the Bible and got us to this point!

I want to leave you with this one question…what would stop you from joining NLC in our journey of making a radical difference in our community?!


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