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Tongue Pierced: The Power of Words

Tongue Pierced: The Power of Words

Words. Have you ever considered the power of them…especially yours?! They are small and fleeting at times, but they have tremendous power. They create our atmosphere, ignite psychological connections, shape our thinking, determine our actions, and ultimately construct our reality. Words have power and in our “Tongue Pierced: The Power of Words” 5-week series we will look at how the words you allow to flow from your mouth will shape your life. This practical teaching series will show you how to take control of your words and build a better future for you and those around you. Choose your words, choose your future…and at New Life Church we want to help you choose words that shape a successful future for you and those you interact with daily simply by the words you speak.

Continuing weekly, at both our 10am or 12pm services, we will take a journey to discover how the words we speak transform the life we live. So I have a question for you, “What would stop you from joining us on this journey to discover the power of your words, how you use them and the impact of them to those around you?”

Click on this link to read a great blog post about the power of words…http://purposecity.com/insights/the-power-of-words/

Comment below and tell us how words have impacted your life and how you have been able to overcome them.


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