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Realigned for His Purpose

Realigned for His Purpose

What is Realign? Realign is New Life Church’s initiative to lead and help people in Goshen become fully engaged disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this through offering a very specific course of basic biblical principles that will help anybody gain the basic, yet essential, understanding to what the Bible says about: prayer, faith, personal devotions, how to study the Bible, Christian living, financial stewardship, family and serving in the church and community.

Not only will Realign position a person to better understand what God would want them to have in His word, but another important design of Realign is that it will position you in a place to find your purpose in Him. Our Realign instructor is passionate about seeing people find their purpose in God and helping them find their place in God to serve in excellence. But we also realize that callings, giftings and purpose sometime take time to develop fully, so we give each individual an opportunity to take a “test drive” in various ministries for a month to see if they like it. If they don’t, it’s cool! We will simply keep working with that individual until they find a comfortable place as they develop and find their purpose.

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