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Here 2 Serve!

Pastor TJ July 25, 2015 Blog, Events 1 Comment on Here 2 Serve!
Here 2 Serve!

What do you mean, “Here 2 Serve?”  Great question!

Here 2 Serve is a ministry initiative, based off of Matthew 25:31-46, that goes out and shows love simply through serving and showing kindness.  The Here 2 Serve initiative is simply the people of New Life Church, who are moved with compassion, that want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  And here’s the really cool thing: our Mission25 team is a incredible group of people that direct the “nuts and bolts” of this operation, but essentially it’s the culture of our church…and why shouldn’t it be?!  Jesus has called us to be more than average and mediocre, He has called us to demonstrate His love and compassion in a radical way!

The purpose of Here 2 Serve is simply:

“To provide a holistic ministry that will help meet the real needs of those in our community and congregation by empowering, equipping and caring for each respective need to the best of our ability.”

Mission25, through our Here 2 Serve initiative, has provided incredible opportunities for not only those in the community that have seen first hand the love and kindness displayed, but it has also created an opportunity for members to get out of their box and do something they may have never done before.  We realize we live in a hurting world and it’s up to us to change that by touching one person at a time with the love of Christ.  We are passionate to do something about this! So how do we accomplish this?


  • Feeding and meeting basic needs of the homeless
  • Volunteering in various agencies in Goshen and surrounding communities
  • Visiting the elderly in the nursing homes
  • Helping single parents who have to work several jobs to make it each week, and blessing their children as well
  • Honoring our police, fireman and other civil service men and women who work, sometimes thanklessly, to keep us safe
  • Thanking all medical staff at IU Goshen Health, and other health related facilities, for their efforts in saving lives

These are just some of the things that we try to accomplish throughout the year to bless our community.

New Life Church has decided to help change this world by giving back!  We have decided that everybody needs to be shown love and kindness, and that everybody should have the opportunity to experience giving back to the community of not only Goshen, Indiana, but to communities around the world.  Here 2 Serve is a part of our mission to impact every person we meet with a warm smile, a kind gesture or a hand that simply wants to give and not expect anything in return.

So we challenge you to team up with us in one of our serving events to help make an positive impact on our world. What would stop you from emailing us at office@newlifegoshen.com so that we can follow up with you and get you connected to someone hurting in our community?

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  1. Carrie Muir February 2, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    I have been completely down and out in my life. I have been homeless, hungry and drug addicted. I am so thankful God pulled me out of that life and gave me a new one. Through Mission25, I have the ability to serve and help those in my community that are where I once was. The opportunity to show them the love Christ has shown me!! Being involved with Mission25 has changed my life.

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