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Some Differences In Churches Today

Some Differences In Churches Today

There are some differences that I have noticed in churches today.  Not in the terms of worship, doctrine, holiness or anything of that nature, but how guests and new members become a part of our church is slightly different…and it’s totally cool.  I have been the pastor New Life Church for going on three years.  This short journey has been amazing and I have seen God do incredible things in the community of Goshen.  One of the things I really wanted to push was getting out into the community by serving, helping the less fortunate and building a relational community within the church to help disciple those who the Lord would bring.  So far, God has done just that, and we have seen incredible growth, and we plan to see it continue.

But with that growth has come some differences that I’m not quite sure I remember in the not-so-distant past. This growth is exciting, and yet, brought some really cool challenges that we (for the most part) have encountered and handled well.  Those differences I’m referring to can be found in the article linked below…which I’m amazed at what the article says and how we have encountered some of those very things.


What your thoughts?

Have you noticed any of these things?

How do you think you have handled any of them?

Have you failed in any of these areas?


I’m curious!

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