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Dear New Life Church…

Pastor TJ January 7, 2015 Blog 1 Comment on Dear New Life Church…
Dear New Life Church…

Dear New Life Church…Let’s make 2015 an incredible year!

  • Let’s see God move in tremendous ways.
  • Let’s see more disciples made.
  • Let’s go out into the streets of Goshen more.
  • Let’s prayer and fast more.
  • Let’s meet people where they are at, and help them become what God wants them to be.
  • Let’s be real on Sunday, and Tuesday too! Include Monday, Wednesday-Saturday as well.
  • Let’s have big vision, but let’s have big action to meet the vision.
  • Let’s join a Life Group.
  • Let’s teach a Bible study.
  • Let’s do something we have never done before.
  • Let’s be faithful to God, our spouses, our families, our ministry and our church.
  • Let’s read more & screen less. Basically, unplugged and get a book.
  • Let’s love more.
  • Let’s give more.
  • Let’s worship like crazy.
  • Let’s be honest. In everything, to everyone.
  • Let’s be passionate.
  • Let’s be healthy in every area of our life.
  • Let’s have faith. Big Faith.
  • Let’s be boat-jumpers. See Matthew 14:22-33.
  • Let’s let people make mistake and grow from them.
  • Let’s remove negative & critical comments and people from our lives. Immediately.
  • Let’s take chances in our lives, but don’t gamble with them. There is a difference.
  • Let’s make 250.12.2015 happen.

The list above is not exhaustive or in any particular order, but a few things that popped in my head the last few minutes.

This article below is very good. Take time to read it and ponder, and ask how this could help you individually in 2015.


What would you add to the list above? Post any comments below…we would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Betty E Miller January 13, 2015 at 1:21 am

    Pastor TJ,
    Your sermon on Sunday was life changing & definitely Spirit filled. This only happens if a person is totally sold out to Jesus, willing to do whatever the Holy Spirit prompts him to do & willing to lay it all down for God & worship Him in ALL you do. To step back & say God I can’t wait to see what You are going to do 🙂
    Thank you for your sacrifice it helps us all to grow in Christ.
    Prayers & blessings to you & your wonderful family,

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