New Life Goshen

180 Student Ministries

Mark 13:30 “You can be sure that some of the people of this generation will still be alive when all this happens.”



Jesus said there was going to be a generation of young people on this earth when “all this” happens.  At New Life, we take this seriously by engaging our young people in biblical teaching, spiritual application, real life conversation, and real life integration.

One of the ways we accomplish this is our monthly Revolution service.  These services are student-lead in every aspect…from the worship team, to the speakers, even to the after-hours events.  The students are engaged in worship and service, which always equates to ministry development and many lives being changed!

Another way we accomplish ministering to our students is through our weekly youth class that are held every Tuesday at 7pm.  These classes follow the church’s Life Group schedule and format. This gives our students an opportunity to make new friends, have a lot of fun, learn more about God and His purpose for their lives.  However, it’s not all about us; but during these Tuesday nights there will be times of serving in our community in multiple different ways.

We believe that every generation will make their mark on society and we choose to see this done under and through biblical mandates.  And we truly believe that we must give every student an opportunity to make an impact on their world right now!