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#breadandmilk #outreach

#breadandmilk #outreach

Recently the New Life Church family began hitting the streets every Monday night after our weekly prayer meeting to various areas of Goshen to bless the community with bread and milk. Around 6:45p.m. we would walk into Martin’s grocery store to pick up our order of 50 gallons of milk and 50 loaves of bread.

From there, the rest is history…

We would drive to a certain area of Goshen and we would begin to randomly knock on doors not knowing who would answer on the other side. Although the doors we knocked were random, our efforts were not because we prayed for each family that we would come in contact with just an hour earlier at our prayer meeting. I’m sure it’s a little awkward and a little surprising when those in the community would open their doors, but as we would greet them with a warm smile and let them know we are there to simply bless them they were amazed by what that were seeing and experiencing.

We have had many testimonies of people needing exactly a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread and no money to purchase what they needed…until we showed up! We had others say they had nothing to feed their children that didn’t require milk and bread until we showed up, and we also had people who had given up because they felt nobody cared until we showed up and showed them kindness by blessing them.

In many cases, it wasn’t until “we showed up” that those who testified would be giving a small glimmer of hope in the daily grind of life, and for that, we give God the glory! We have had the chance to pray for people right in their homes and in the surrounding areas where they live, seen countless tears of joy flow, kind words of thanks and gratitude, and even those who didn’t speak English who we knew were thankful by the expression on their faces.

It is those expressions of joy and the operation to bless those in our community that drives New Life Church. So if you’re in Goshen and ever see a group of people with smiling faces, a passion to touch lives, and a few gallons of milk and a few loaves of bread just know it’s the New Life Church family out doing our “thing!”

Comment below and tell us what you or your church has done to help impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Fred and Joan Taylor July 28, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Thanking The Lord for getting to “meet” you on the phone the other day. We have not forgotten our plan to have coffee with you soon. This driving thing is great, but really makes you feel “driven”…tee-hee. Anyway, we are at a much needed rest and going to FPC tomorrow morning and evening here in North Little Rock, AR. We are due up there in IN pretty soon and if there is any break in our schedule we plan to call you.
    Say, great website and glad for all the outreach, something for everyone to do something about…good sign of maturing to have a burden for souls.
    More later, with Love in Jesus Name, The Taylors

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