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When The Anointing Is In A Church [Part 1]

When The Anointing Is In A Church [Part 1]


[Part 1]

Jesus never said He was called to preach (thou He undoubtedly was), but that He was anointed to preach (Luke 4:18).  And that anointing would enable Him to effectively preach, heal, deliver, etc.  If we are going to give life to what is dead, we need a good amount of life constantly flowing thru us to do it.

Many Christians spend a lot of time practicing, planning, and preparing.  Nothing wrong with that and in fact we would do wrong to not do such.  But sadly, we have used all of our “carnal” work to replace what only can come about thru the Spirit of God reigning in a person’s life.  Paul said he didn’t come with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.  The anointing flowing thru us as we minister in song, teaching, preaching, and serving is the only thing that will dig deep in a man’s heart.

Let me illustrate. Relying only on human ability is like sowing seed onto shallow soil – thou it grows quick, it has little root and does not grow well.  But relying on anointing breaks up the ground like a plow would.  This allows the seed that is sown to take deep root and grow well. Isaiah 10:27 says that it takes anointing to break yokes (bondage).

Because of a shallow soils ability to quickly bring up a plant, we can be fooled into thinking that we had success with our polished programs and hours of practice.  We may feel justified in hearing statements like, “Wow, what a message!” or “What great singing!” but that does not mean lasting change happened.  Only anointing will cause real change to happen in a person’s life.

Great skill/talent can bring one before many men – think of a talented athlete, musician, or actor.  But usually what they do does little to affect anybody for eternity.  And if we minister with great talent but not anointing, we will have the same results – many men may hear us, but few will be affected by us.

So how do I get the anointing of God to flow in me?  You must first receive the Holy Ghost (Acts 2).  After that, it comes in continuous prayer done in secret with nobody to see what you are doing.  And what happens in the secret will be made visible in the public. But God will get the credit and is that not what we want anyway?

Let me leave you with this, are you more concerned with impacting people or impressing them? Let’s seek the anointing and impact our world!

Comment below and gives your experiences with God and how God has anointed to touch a life.

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