New Life Goshen

Our Purpose

New Life Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose drive us, and our process is shaped around that singular purpose of making disciples…BOTTOM LINE!  New Life Church bases everything off of our process of REACH, RETAIN and RELEASE.  At every stage of life, from our children’s ministry all the way to our senior’s ministry, we will feature the same philosophy and movement.  Not only does every stage of life feature our REACH, RETAIN and RELEASE process, but each  ministry understands that it must fit and align itself with the overarching purpose to keep our all we do clear and simple.


Our desire is to simply REACH our world one life at a time starting right here in our community.  Our REACH efforts are simply our worship opportunities.  Nobody “does church” like NLC by lifting up Jesus and creating an atmosphere so that every life we come in contact with can be radically changed by the Holy Spirit.  From our Kidz Church, Revolution Student & Emerge Young Adult Services, and to our Sunday Worship Service we are serious about getting you as close as humanly possible to God!


Every person we minister to and every guest that comes through our doors, we feel, is a gift from God and an opportunity to show His love to.  So, our desire is to RETAIN those “gifts” by helping people to further grow in the grace and understanding of Jesus, and by helping them find their God-given purpose in life.  Our RETAIN efforts include our Life Groups. Our Life Groups are unique relational opportunities that help meet your real needs through discussion, serving together and relationship building.  Our Life Groups is a dynamic way to “do life” with those in the New Life family.  We feel that Life Groups are critical to fully develop our relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other as we all seek to navigate life and become His disciples.


In everything we pursue we are motivated by a singular end in sight: RELEASE.  Each person has been individually placed into the church for a specific design and purpose.  It is our desire to help you discover your purpose in God and see you released into that service opportunity.  So, as fully engaged disciples, we can minister to each other and our community in our own God-designed way.