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A God That Heals!

Pastor TJ December 11, 2012 Blog No Comments on A God That Heals!
A God That Heals!

This past Sunday was tremendous at New Life Church as we seen a God that heals! The sanctuary was filled with guests, the worship team was rocking, the preaching was powerful and the response as people filled with altars for prayer was overwhelming.

However, that wasn’t the most amazing part—although that is pretty regular here at New Life Church. The most amazing part was the demonstration of healing that went forth during our special time of prayer for all the needs represented in the building that day. We had several come up to the front to pray for specific physical aliments in their body, and one particular situation stuck out in my mind. It was a concerned mother and father with 3 month old baby. Parents were concerned, doctors were concerned and there was really no answer as to what the condition was, but they both knew that something wasn’t right.

So that precious baby was brought up for prayer. We believed, we called out the name of Jesus, and worshiped God for being the Healer before we knew anything had happened. Church ended, but the miracle just started. The family noticed that the baby started moving in motions and acting in ways that were very limited before, which was the cause for concern with the doctors. In amazement of what was happening, the father proclaimed, “I believed he is healed!” The family had an appointment already schedule to be down at Riley’s Children’s Hospital the next day: their hopes were tremendously high. After the tests were ran, the report came back that the baby was in good health and the only thing that needed to happen was that there needed to be some weight gain! Praise God!

There were major concerns for the baby that day prior to that Sunday’s service. But after Sunday’s service everything changed…the baby received a special touch from God, and the aliments that limited the baby were no longer present!

It is definitely time to recognize that God wants to operate in the miraculous in our services and in our lives. We serve a God that is “…the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Jesus Christ still is changing lives, healing hearts, and setting the captives free. This is the greatest hour for the church, so let’s believe that and operate in that level of faith!

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