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COLLIDE 2016 Summer Life Groups! Welcome To Our Promise! The Discovery Class Here 2 Serve!


***WE NEED YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE*** Where can you see UFC great Ken Shamrock, young superstar Caleb Maddix & evangelist/motivational speaker Matt Maddix all speak in one place?! COLLIDE 2016! Where can you have a chance to win a free hot

Summer Life Groups!

Summer Life Group sign-ups have begun!  Being a part of a life group is such an incredible opportunity to build relationships, grow your walk with God, and be a part of a unique support system that will positively impact you

Welcome To Our Promise!

I want to welcome you to our promise! You’re probably asking, “What is that promise?”  The promise I speak of was birthed from the statement “I would like to be out of our current building in 5 years”. I made

The Discovery Class

The Discovery Class is a 5-week course for people who are interested in learning more about the born again experience.  Topics explored include the Great Commission, baptism, the Holy Spirit, and becoming a follower of Christ.  In addition to digging

Here 2 Serve!

What do you mean, “Here 2 Serve?”  Great question! Here 2 Serve is a ministry initiative, based off of Matthew 25:31-46, that goes out and shows love simply through serving and showing kindness.  The Here 2 Serve initiative is simply

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Why Do You Want To Find Jesus?
Posted On August 18, 2016 | No Comments

  Lately, I’ve been working on reading the entire New Testament, beginning to end, for the very first time. It is astounding to me now that I have claimed to be a Christian my entire [...]

The Discovery Class

The Discovery Class

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Watch & Pray!

Watch & Pray!

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