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Join A Life Group Today! Welcome To Our Promise! Here 2 Serve! The Summit Life Groups

Join A Life Group Today!

Life Group sign-ups for our Spring semester are in full swing!  Being a part of a life group is such an incredible opportunity to build relationships, grow your walk with God, and be a part of a unique support system

Welcome To Our Promise!

I want to welcome you to our promise! You’re probably asking, “What is that promise?”  The promise I speak of was birthed from the statement “I would like to be out of our current building in 5 years”. I made

Here 2 Serve!

What do you mean, “Here 2 Serve?”  Great question! Here 2 Serve is a ministry initiative, based off of Matthew 25:31-46, that goes out and shows love simply through serving and showing kindness.  The Here 2 Serve initiative is simply

The Summit

sum-mit:(n.) The highest level that can be attained. The Summit is a monthly service designed for students & young adults ages 12-29.  The Summit is all about getting you to the apex of your relationship with God through real, authentic

Life Groups

We were created to be together – God realized at the Genesis of creation it was not good for man to be alone…so He solved that problem.  Life is intended to be lived within the context of community.  Thus, we

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I will never forget that crisp, winter day when the weather called for a scarf and a thick jacket. My family and I were enjoying our Thanksgiving break in Chicago. It was my first time [...]